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Wednesday’s Wants: Waterproof Boots

Winter is my second favorite season behind Fall. Yeah I know people think I am nuts but I love the cold and prefer it over a 90 degree, feel like 100, sticky NYC summer. The one thing I do not love about the winter is sleet and icy rain. I can do snow (in moderation) […]

Going Green

Going green means a lot of different things to each individual. To me it means being less wasteful.  I am a big fan of reusing and recycling when it comes to my fashion which is why I am a huge fan of consignment and vintage stores. Not only do I save a ton of money […]

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I am taking a break from shopping (and blogging about shopping) to spend time with family. Although many people are divided about whether or not it is wrong to shop on Thanksgiving I personally feel that Thanksgiving should be spent at home giving thanks for what you have and not on the hunt […]

Winter White in the Hamptons

Every summer about half of New York City heads out to the Hamptons on Friday night for a weekend of fun in the sun. Not only is it expensive ($500 bucks a night for a motel room) but the traffic is horrendous (upwards of 5 hours depending on the time of day). You can take […]