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Wish List: Rompers, JUMPSUITS and ONESIES

I LOVE ROMPERS. When I am not in the office I spend half my summer in a romper and since we are only a few weeks from my favorite season ever I am starting to do some shopping for my next obsessions: THE JUMPSUIT. My DH calls them onesies. I call them brilliant. Here are […]

I’m a cheap date

I am a cheap date. A few nights ago we  went out for dinner, wine and a movie all for under $10. You’re probably wondering how I pulled that off. Well pay attention people because we only have a month of summer left so you need to jump on this opportunity while you can. What […]

Wine Tasting In The Hudson Valley

A few months ago we took a drive up to the Hudson Valley for some wine tasting. Outside of the last couple of weeks or insane cold, the weather in NY has been delightful. I’m talking crisp fall sunny weather all day every day. I am enjoying every moment of it. We started our day […]

Thrifty Thursday: Denim Shorts

My most recent obsession has been with denim shorts. Now that we are in August and it is super hot on the weekends I like to keep is casual with a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt. If I am feeling fancy I might add a cool necklace. Because it is the end of […]

LWD: The Work Edition

Why do I look so angry? Because it’s hot and I don’t like when it is hot.  Haha. At least I don’t like having to dress up for work when it is 9 million degrees. When it is hot I like to go to the beach or the pool or maybe just curl up in […]


Hanging out with the fam. Once upon a time I was a blogger. Then life happened. But now I am back. Let’s see for how long. Blogging is an outlet for me. It’s fun, not meant to be a job. Sometimes it feels like that when I have the pressure to post consistently because someone […]

OxBlood Shoes Under $100

I have recently become obsessed with oxblood shoes and discovered this past weekend that although I have a closet overflowing with shoes and clothes I barely have anything oxblood in the shoe department.  That needs to be fixed asap and since I am a bit behind in preparing for the warmer weather that has finally […]

The Romper

To say I am obsessed with rompers, onsies and jumpsuits is an understatement. The minute the weather cooperates it is my item of choice.  Just like dresses they are soo easy. You just throw it on with some accessories and keep it moving. I especially love wearing rompers when I go on vacation and am […]

Thrifty Thursday:  Spring Florals

It is finally starting to feel like spring here in New York City. It has been a long time coming being that it was just snowing. Unfortunately there is still snow in the forecast for this weekend so it seems like spring will be short lived as least for now. In the meantime I am […]

Why is it still snowing?

It’s April and there is still snow in the forecast. I am hoping it is all an April Fools joke because to be honest I am tired of the gray days and am needing a little bit of sunshine in my life. I am not one to complain about the cold since I love the […]