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Sundays in Brooklyn

Happy Tuesday!!! It is finally starting to cool down in NY. I hope. The last two weekends have been amazing (I am not really complaining) but I am so ready for cold and snow. Yes I said it. Kill me. I love the winter. So today I decided to share a little bit about me. I am sharing 10 facts about me that you may or may not know. 

So lets start with Number 1. I am from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Yup!! Born and raised.  Some people thing native New Yorkers are unicorns. Well guess what. We exist. 

Every so often I visit the old neighborhood and I am so surprised by how much has changed.  There is so much to explore. I thought I knew this neighborhood better than anyone else but I was wrong. I spent last Sunday wandering the streets of Williamsburg and hit two great spots. The first was the Brooklyn Barge. Unfortunately they are closing for the season but I really wished I would’ve taken advantage of it over the summer.  The next spot I visited was Westlight. Now I am a bit over the whole bougie rooftop scene but I actually really loved this place. Everyone was awesome and I did not get that kind of vibe here. Maybe because it was a Sunday but I am definitely going to check it out again. So on to the rest of my list.

(2) I am scared of Poodles. Yup I have to put this as number 2 because my friends think it is hilarious and constantly send me pics of poodles (because they are mean). So I figure you can all join in the fun.

(3) On the topic of fear I am also scared of heights. However I have been working on this fear by going on hikes (including a 14er in Colorado a couple of years ago. Yes I cried for six straight hours but who cares. I did it.)

(4) I absolutely love the cold. I was born in December and will take 2 degree weather over 90 degree weather any day. People think I am nuts but snow and cold make me happy.

(5) I have a cat named Rubi and he has been in my life longer than my husband. Wooppss..Now you all know who is my fave. Hehe

(6) I’m an oenophile.  I plan most of my trips around wine regions. Right now I am on a North America kick visiting wine regions in the US and Canada.

(7) I don’t watch TV.  I read, I crochet, I blog. I rarely watch TV BUT…

(8) I have to watch the news every morning. So I guess 7 is not 100% true. I am also obsessed with Shameless. But ask me about Game of Thrones and you will get a blank stare.

(9) I own over 300 pairs of shoes. Yes. I know I have a problem.  I love shoes. I can’t stop buying them.  Deal with it.

(10) I’ve been married almost 9 years. That’s what makes fact #5 so important.  Most people are shocked by this fact. And no i did not get married when I was 16.

So what are some fun facts you have about yourself? Would love to hear them. Share them in the comments. And thanks for reading.



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