Willamette Valley- 12 wineries 2 Winos

  Three days in the Willamette Valley. I did not waste any time. I really meant it when I told everyone I was going to Oregon to drink alllll the Pinot Noir.  We arrived on Friday night and three days later we were proud to say we visited 12 wineries in 3 days. And lived […]

A weekend in the Willamette Valley

  The Willamette Valley has been on my radar for a long time so when we found cheap tickets we jumped on the opportunity and decided to spend our long holiday weekend drinking all the Pinot Noir. Let’s start by talking about the best town to stay in Willamette valley. Because we covered so much ground […]

Cruising to Cuba

Today I am sharing with everyone my experience with everyone on my cruise to Cuba.  I’ve been wanting to go to Cuba for a while but was hesitant.  Maybe it was because I didn’t have the time to plan the perfect Cuba getaway. Maybe it was because there wasn’t enough information or all the information […]

A weekend in montreal

I cannot explain why it took me so long but I finally got a chance to spend a weekend in Montreal. It’s always been on my places to visit and my friends talk about it all the time but for some reason  I never made any plans to visit. Well that has changed. We decided […]

A Weekend in The Mountains

I am always looking for something to do and places to go. I drive my husband crazy since every weekend has to involve some kind of adventure. Whether it be a road trip or jumping on a plane to the west coast I have to make the best of my weekends. If you haven’t figured […]

The Island Life

The weather was amazing here in New York last weekend and being that there are only a few summer weekends left we decided to head out of the city and head out to Long Island. We spent both Saturday and Sunday on the beach in Fire Island. The weather was spectacular so we jumped in […]

Livin la vida loca

So I used to live in Miami. Everyone asks me why did I leave. Well because New York City is home. But after over 10 years being back in New York it is nice to visit Miami as a tourist. I will blame Ricky Martin for my latest infatuation with Miami. Vente Pa’ Ca is […]

sonoma in 48 Hours Part II

Our second day in Sonoma started out with a morning mud bath. Haha. True story. DH was thrilled. I almost threw up because it was so hot. We drive up to Calistoga because I have been dying to try a mud bath. It was an experience. Not sure if the experience will repeat itself however […]